• Concepts

    Interchangeable Baking Pan

    It’s no secret that I love baking. Besides giving me an excuse to satisfy my constant sugar cravings, baking allows me to design everything from taste and texture to visual appearance. My recent excursions with sugar and flour got me thinking about how I could create a way to design unique cakes in a convenient and cost-effective way. I came…

  • Big Noodle Design,  Work

    BigNoodle Design

    This summer I had the opportunity to work with BigNoodle Design, an experimental design studio in San Francisco specializing in design/build and prototyping. Beginning in June of 2019, I moved to San Fransico where I primarily worked on the installation of an ongoing, large scale build for Salesforce’s CEO offices. While there, I also had the opportunity to work on…

  • Baking,  Recipes

    Pokemon Animal Crackers

    Growing up watching the cartoons, collecting the cards, reading the manga, and playing the games, these Pokemon themed treats were incredibly fun for me to make. Taking me back to my childhood, these crackers were inspired partly by the classic cookies I loved as a kid and partly by the Kraft Pokemon shaped Macaroni and Cheese my mom would always…

  • Artechouse Works

    Fractal Worlds

    Fractal Worlds is an immersive art exhibit that merges the real and imaginary world through the combination of augmented reality and virtual reality attractions. Fractal Worlds by Julius Horsthuis is a visual journey through mind-bending sci-fi worlds and infinite 3D geometric patterns. The exhibition is powered by Oculus from Facebook. I have aided in the installation and maintenance of this exhibit…

  • Artechouse Works

    Naked Eyes

    Naked Eyes was exhibited at Artechouse from May 16 – June 30. Created by Nonotak Studios, Naked Eyes uses four unique installations to create beautiful displays of geometry and light. I had the pleasure of working as technical assistant for production, maintenance, and installation.

  • S.J. Ewing and Dancers Works,  Slider


    The Abstract Series is an ongoing project that sees Fathom collaborate with artists to create immersive, site-specific experiences. Each Abstract will challenge artists to produce large-scale exhibits and performances that audience members can experience concurrently. Abstract aims to blur the boundaries between these experiences and reality. On April 29th, Fathom collaborated with S. J. Ewing and Dancers to create a one of…

  • S.J. Ewing and Dancers Works


    I am currently using Microsoft Kinect Software, Processing, and Isadora to produce interactive projections. They will be used in the upcoming dance performance: Transit. Transit is an original dance-theater work created that is performed by the S. J. Ewing and Dancer’s Company.  It is to be presented in the Dupont Underground across four performances.  The work asks – as we…

  • Artechouse Works

    Sakura Yume

    SAKURA YUME // Cherry Blossom Dream is a large-scale seasonal installation created by ARTECHOUSE in collaboration with several artist groups. The installation encompasses five unique activations where elements of Japanese culture and tradition become experiences at the intersection of art and technology. Main Gallery // Sakura Yume – Visual Installation with Interactions by NOIRFLUX Gallery 1 // Koi Pie – 3D Interactive Sculpture by Karan…

  • Artechouse Works

    Imaginary World of the Nutcracker

    The Imaginary World of the Nutcracker is an immersive exhibition that highlights visual and interactive elements by Sila Sveta, interactive installations by NOIRFLUX, and augmented Reality activations from ARTECHOUSE. As Technical Production Assistant I assisted with the preparation, installation, and maintenance of this exhibit during its showing from December 7th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018.

  • Artechouse Works


    Hakanai is a dance performance by French digital artists Adrien M and Claire B. We recently worked with these artists to host this technically innovative show at ARTECHOUSE. I assisted with the production and installation. Learn more at https://artechouse.com/?exhibition=hakanai