Home Therapy Plants

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The world in 2050 looks a lot different from the one we know today. The thirty-one-year span is characterized by stunning advances in technology, discoveries of new aquatic life, and travel beyond our solar system. From an outsider’s perspective, this society is built off highly functioning and curious individuals that have the ability to balance successful careers with family and social life.

While humankind has achieved more than ever before, the exponential growth of individual success has prompted high levels of stress and anxiety among the population, often leading to extreme cases of depression. The rise of social networking and advertising in the mass media through hologram and virtual reality experiences serves to foster severe internal senses of inadequacy and fuel the invisible epidemic of mental health disorders.

Spurred from this growing need, Therapy Plants have been introduced in homes across the globe. These special house plants grow taller the more they are spoken to and serve as a private and therapeutic outlet for those in high-stress environments.

Physiotherapists of the time have created a special species of plants by crossbreeding herbs – such as lemon balm, rosemary, and lavender – that are known to be beneficial for emotional health and mental well- being. These herbs are placed into specialized capsules designed to stimulate the plant’s intake of available carbon dioxide gas allowing them to physically and positively respond to conversation. While being nurtured with breath, the plants release soothing aromas into the air that have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve mood.