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Hey Everyone! I’m so excited to announce that my book was published! Incarceration is a young adult/science fiction novel that follows protagonist Harriet Maxwell on her quest to expose the underling corruption of a futuristic prison. Incarceration is a project that I was extremely passionate about and I’m so excited to see it finally come together. Read more about the book down below and click here to buy it on amazon!


In the dystopian world of Madina City, officials are determined to enforce all rules and punish all offenders.

So they’ve built Ranum Correctional Institute, where people, including kids, are incarcerated for even the most minor offenses. And no one knows Ranum Correctional Institute better than Harriet Maxwell. The daughter of a former guard, Maxwell can expertly navigate the place—including its secret tunnels and corridors. After her father’s death, Maxwell is determined to follow in his footsteps, helping prisoners to escape the cruel life so many of them have not truly earned. But when Maxwell gets caught, she learns what it’s like to be a prisoner herself. Now, like other inmates, she’s locked in a tiny cell, released only for meals, and forced to play the game inside the “Sim”—a brutal virtual reality experiment designed to punish inmates for their “crimes.” When guards begin forcing prisoners to play more frequently and violence mounts, Maxwell realizes that the game could soon turn deadly. Now it’s time to plan another escape—her own.