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Position: Producer

June 2019 – August 2019

This summer I had the opportunity to work with BigNoodle Design, an experimental design studio in San Francisco specializing in design/build and prototyping. 

Beginning in June of 2019, I moved to San Fransico where I primarily worked on the installation of an ongoing, large scale build for Salesforce’s CEO offices. While there, I also had the opportunity to work on pitches and participate in phase one meetings for interactive installations in Facebook’s Menlo Park office as well as assist on maintenance and client communications for a previous Capital One experience.


Although I was brought on as an intern, I was eventually promoted to producer of the Salesforce project and worked closely with the project manager to oversee all aspects of installation from technology and electronics to fabrication and build.

Working to oversee a small team of fewer than ten people, I had the opportunity to explore many different roles and as well as manage conflicting interests between creative and technical teams. Encompassing scheduling, purchasing, and oversight I worked to facilitate clear communication and balance between technical, creative, and financial interests. I also had the opportunity to explore working with Fusion 360 and Slicer to design, prototype, and fabricate physical elements of the final build.

The final product was installed in early August and consisted of twelve eight-foot acrylic panels wired with vinyl switchable, three touch screen televisions, and a custom interactive podium control system. The result was a “showroom” that offered a unique experience in which large windows overlooking San Francisco transitioned from transparent to opaque, providing a 270-degree canvas for an immersive projection experience. Controlled by an iPad embedded in the podium, this “CEO Command Center” provided an impressive experience in which visitors were completely surrounded by data, visuals, and other Salesforce graphics from floor to ceiling.

Working with BigNoodle Design was an incredible experience that allowed me to grow as an innovative thinker and work alongside so many other talented individuals. Through this work, I was able to explore all aspects of this industry encompassing everything from technical and creative to professional. Specifically unique to this summer was the opportunity to gain experience not only in design and fabrication but also in management and client relations.