Interchangeable Baking Pan

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It’s no secret that I love baking. Besides giving me an excuse to satisfy my constant sugar cravings, baking allows me to design everything from taste and texture to visual appearance. My recent excursions with sugar and flour got me thinking about how I could create a way to design unique cakes in a convenient and cost-effective way.

I came up with a new baking tin that adds a unique twist to traditional bundt and tube pan cakes. The general idea is to create a baking pan that is compatible with several interchangeable centerpieces, allowing bakers to swap out the basic circle shape in a bundt cake for something more exciting. This product would minimize the equipment needed for consumers to create a wide range of aesthetic cakes.

Concept Drawings

The product would be a simple round cake pan with a screw attachment in the center of its base. Using this method, different center shapes could be purchased and screwed onto the cake pan creating a variety of unique appearances. Bakers would be able to create cakes with cutouts ranging from hearts and stars to Christmas trees or butterflies.

3D Renderings Using Fusion 360