S.J. Ewing and Dancers Company

Position: Interactive Projection Designer

October 2017 – April 2018

S.J. Ewing and Dancers is a unique dance-theatre company directed by Sarah J. Ewing. Specifically, her works focus on engaging multiple art forms, primarily dance and technology, to create unique performances that transform space in a dynamic way.

I first had the opportunity to work with this amazing company as a performer, not a designer. After dancing in the first run of Analog: Onsite, which featured pre-programmed projections, I made a request to switch from performer to projection designer and had the opportunity to work on the following two shows, specializing in the integration of interactive projections. Specifically, I worked with Processing, Isadora, and Microsoft Kinects to create projection art that moved with the dancers in real-time by tracking their movement. 

Transit, the first show I worked technically on, took place in the large train tunnel of Dupont Underground. I worked alongside Jonathan Hsu, who specialized in large scale pre-timed projections, to create a unique environmental experience for the dancers and audience members. The last show I worked on was part of Fathom’s Abstract Series and consisted solely of interactive projections I designed using Processing and Microsoft Kinect Technology.

Working with the S.J. Ewing and Dancer’s company was an exhilarating experience that gave me the opportunity to explore and exhibit new technology while working creatively in a performance environment.


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